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Customer Success Chat

by Gainsight

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About the experience 

Mark Wilkinson
Client Retention Officer

Omer Rabin
Chief Evangelist

2:30 pm 

Presentations & Discussion

4:30 pm 

Closing & Networking

Allison Pickens
Chief Customer Officer

Customer Success Chat is an open community for customer success professionals, powered by Slack.

Tune in as we host monthly AMA’s with leaders in the Customer Success community. You’ll have every opportunity to learn, network, and share your thoughts on all things CSM.

Questions? Email webinar@gainsight.com

Every 3rd Thursday of the month,
at 3 PM GMT+1, you'll find a wealth of 

customer success knowledge in an
exciting AMA with guest speakers.

From health scores to surveys,
renewals to QBRs, feel free to pose
any question or start a discussion in
the #between-chats channel.

The best part of Customer Success Chat
is meeting other post-sales enthusiasts.
Take a minute to introduce yourself
and welcome other newbies.

Join a community of Customer Success leaders who meet on Slack to share their ideas, network with like-minded individuals, and learn something new from the experts.