Supercharge Your Customer Success Efforts

Enable your team to deliver customer outcomes more efficiently than ever before.

By engaging CSMs with the right content, at the right time, directly from within Gainsight CS, Enablement Engine helps drive CSM productivity to new heights.

Accelerate CSM Onboarding

Instill expertise and proficiency across your team by providing CSMs with assistance and coaching right within Gainsight CS at the exact moment of need. Deliver rich content such as video tutorials and important documents, or add context around health frameworks and reports to help bring CSMs quickly up to speed.

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Boost Productivity

Get visibility into how your CSMs use Gainsight CS, and drive the specific behaviors that lead to greater internal efficiencies and better customer outcomes. Provide contextual guidance by delivering playbooks, templates, and best practices that boost CSM productivity.

Enable Continuous Training at the Right Time and Place

Deliver customer success more consistently by ensuring that your best practices are being followed effectively. Deliver in-app engagements in Gainsight CS that automatically guide CSMs, step by step, through complex business processes. You can even direct CSMs to the important areas of Gainsight CS they haven’t visited in a while, such as Cockpit, or the Customer 360.

Data-driven Decisions

Fully understand how your team interacts with Gainsight CS with real-time reporting, custom dashboards, and easy to understand visualizations. Maximize the value of your investment in Gainsight CS with more in-depth insights of how your team performs to take proactive action.