Gainsight's SuccessIndex
Q4 SaaS Benchmark Report

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What will be inside?

Recent headlines criticizing SaaS startup valuations relative to burn rate have brought the SaaS business model under fire. The SuccessIndex research challenges SaaS skeptics by highlighting the impact of finanical success metrics including retention, upsell and cross-sell.

Transactional, Performance & Operational Data

Anonymized data collected from participating Gainsight customers

Financial Statistics & Insights

Data on public and private SaaS companies indexed by both Bessemer and SaaSRadar 

Fundamental Drivers of Growth and Retention

Maneuver the shift to a successful subscription business model

Strategic Focus on Customer Success

Discover why SaaS businesses need Customer Success more than ever

"We're excited to team up with Gainsight and Bessemer to reveal the customer success underpinings of SaaS benchmarks."

- Brian Stafford, Partner at McKinsey
Leader of McKinsey's SaaS Practice

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